Once again the “Luis Miguel’s daughterMichelle Salas makes it clear that not only because she is the daughter of who she is, the eyes are attentive to her steps as she hypnotizes in a beach suit from Italy.

The influencer who has been in charge of documenting her travels and part of her luxurious life in the United States and other places, reappears from her Instagram account where her followers were perplexed by the new session she published from Sicily, in Italy.

With beautiful afternoons and rainbow days, Michelle Salas appears from the “largest island in the Mediterranean” in which she enjoyed not only a delicious meal but also the best selection of wines, as well as some relaxed days in which she took the opportunity to rest and why not, to show off her slender figure.

The model who collaborates with important fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfilger, among others, as shown in some of her stories, reappears with a white two-piece beach suit.

Michelle Salas allowed herself to be captured lying down while taking a break and left her followers speechless by showing all her beauty with a top that exposed her marked abdomen and waist. Something that is due to the care that she exercises over her figure, this after the same “fashion student” does not neglect and maintains a disciplined lifestyle that includes exercise routines, as can also be seen in other of her Instagram posts where until today brings together 1.8 million users.

Silvia Pinal does not stop admiring the great-granddaughter of the first actress, from whom she undoubtedly inherited her beauty and elegance, without forgetting what she touches on the part of Luis Miguel, who it is worth reiterating, has remained distant from her daughter since she was little and whom she evidenced in the third season of her bioseries on Netflix.

For her part, Michelle Salas, born on June 13 of 1989, has shown that she has not needed the famous man, now 52 years old, thanks to her work as a model as the “granddaughter of Sylvia Pasquel” travels to various parts of the world representing different fashion firms.

And from what you can see, the Mexican’s trips can be an inspiration for anyone, so her photos generated various comments and 11,630 likes.

“What beautiful places Italy has”, “Enjoy Michelle!!”, “A hug”, “Beautiful”, “Your roots are Italian”, “You had a great summer, Mich”, “I want the skirt and white blouse set from flowers,” read the comments.

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