Francisca continues to show off a photo shoot and thanks the whole team for their hard work

Francisca constantly surprises her followers with all the new steps she takes in her professional career and wanted to share more about all those who have been by her side to achieve an extraordinary job.

The presenter Francisca has not stopped taking important steps in her professional career and this time her fans have expressed their support after some recent photos she has shared in the application of the little camera, because she showed a new side that few knew.

The Dominican this Friday took the opportunity to mention the people who from the smallest to the biggest detail ended up doing a great job that made the difference to achieve the photo shoot for ‘Shine’ magazine.

“Since I have received so many nice messages and many questions about who were behind the styling and such beautiful photographs, here I share with you the team. Powerful team,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Who coordinated and made this possible my dear @evelynbetancourths @shinemagazinerd. Interview and production: @lesliepolanco. Photography: @alouettephoto. Art direction: @mabel.manzano. Styling: @giovagiova. Styling assistant: @aalayahgsanlley. Makeup: @jhonaly_guzman @jhonalybeautystudio. Hairstyle: Wendv Castillo for @missrizossalonrd,” she finished by saying in the publication.

Internet users took a few seconds of their time to comment on what she mentioned, while several of those who participated in the job have been responding to her, as well as thanking her for allowing them to work with her.

“Your talent, good vibes and professionalism, made our job easier, fun and very special! THANK YOU”, “The hair with the blue suit looked spectacular on you, although all the photos are beautiful”, “Thank you my dear @francisca for the vote of confidence and for getting on a plane with your family to please everyone’s desire”, “It was a tremendous pleasure to photograph you and that you left happy with the result!”, “your energy transcends what can be known in the media, I loved meeting you, so brave, as a woman, as a Dominican”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

On Tuesday was when Gennaro’s mother surprised most of her followers of the social network, because she shared not only the photos of the magazine ‘Shine’, but also gave an interview where she gives details of her personal and professional life.

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