• The television presenter Francisca Lachapel went on a trip this weekend to celebrate the ecclesiastical wedding four months ago in the Dominican Republic. However, so far it is unknown if they took little Gennaro

Last May, the presenter Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zampogna celebrated their ecclesiastical wedding in the Dominican Republic. However, by then they could not go on their honeymoon for various reasons that both had to fulfill. For this reason, she then mentioned that it would be in September when they would make that long-awaited trip.

Four months have passed since that wonderful moment that undoubtedly became one of the most anticipated ceremonies of the year, and it was a complete dream come true, as they let it be known through social networks.

This Sunday she surprised Internet users, and it is that through the stories she has been sharing what has been part of the journey that she is beginning with her husband. In addition, in one of them you can see when a helicopter leaves, while in others you can see the sea, the sky and a question box that says: “Where are we?” accompanied by a heart.

The question left her unknown while the Greek flag can be seen in the background, which means that it was the destination they took to celebrate their marriage.

However, a few days ago she stated that she had a big dilemma and that is that she did not know whether or not to travel with her little one, that was what led her to make a video that she posted on the social network of the camera, and she consulted his more than four million followers what she should do at a time like this.

More than five thousand people expressed her opinion and thus told her what they thought was appropriate at a time like this. In addition, the audiovisual exceeded 50 thousand ‘likes’ in the aforementioned application.

“Leave him well taken care of with his grandmother, and go enjoy that moment with your husband”, “The best thing would be to do what your heart tells you”, “I would take him with everything and lullaby”, “It is not a honeymoon, it is a babymoon, I love you, enjoy it”, “I say yes, take it, some arrive with a baby, others return with…”, “The honeymoon is a time for you and your husband, Gennaro will be fine with his grandmother”, “To that beautiful little doll that his little brother is waiting for at home”, were some of the impressions generated by the post.

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