Erika Buenfil tells how she started uploading videos on TikTok, where she has more than 11 million followers

Erika Buenfil tells how she started uploading videos on TikTok, where she has more than 11 million followers

Erika Buenfil have a good time at work thanks to social networks. She has an account on TikTok where little by little she was conquering younger followers and in which she now has 11.7 million followers.

In a recent interview to the podcast “In Curtains ” with the ‘youtuber’ Berth Oh, the well-known Mexican actress told how she started in this social network.

“It is the first time that my career has been reborn in an explosive way, out of control. The one who promoted everything was my son Nicolás. They take away my exclusivity on Televisa and then, if you are very comfortable, if you have the security you have, you are free”, the actress told about how losing her job motivated her to look for another.

Buenfil says that at the beginning she did not know what to do and began to mark everyone. “I remember that I sat on his bed (son Nicolás) and hugged him. ‘What I am going to do?’ and he: ‘Oh mom, the networks, make a channel of YouTube,’her son recommended.

A few weeks later they uploaded a recipe and in a short time it already had more than a million views, thus they achieved a YouTube plaque but Buenfil continued to investigate more about social networks.


After YouTube, she starts asking her children about TikTok. That’s when she starts on the popular social network and quickly get a lot of followers.

“Very important artists, very important celebrities, have spoken to me to say: ‘I would like my team to get together with your team to plan a TikTok’ and I was like ‘hello girl, there is no plan'”, she pointed out laughing.

Buenfil affirms that all her content comes out in a very natural way and she prepares it with her son or family, but it is not a team behind her. For her this has been the recipe for success.

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