Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas finally sign their divorce

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas finally sign their divorce

After several months of delay, the bullfighter and the businesswoman have made effective their break in the eyes of the Justice

It has taken more than a year since Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce announce their separation so that their divorce finally becomes official.

After many months of delay for reasons still uncertain, bullfighter Enrique Ponce has signed the papers that the businesswoman Paloma Cuevas had readied shortly after the breakup, according to initial information.

As Almudena del Pozo has announced in the ‘Estando Contigo’ program of Castilla la Mancha Media, the ratification has become effective on the morning of this Thursday, July 16, thus putting an end to a process that has taken longer than expected.

Although at first it was published that the separation would take place amicably and by mutual agreement, sources close to the already ex-partner assured at the time that the alleged Enrique Ponce delay at the time of signing the divorce, it would have driven a Paloma Cuevas crazy, eager to end this painful process as soon as possible in order to turn the page.

However, in recent weeks information pointing in completely opposite directions has come to light. Apparently, it would have been the businesswoman who would have put the most obstacles at the time of reaching an agreement.

In fact, it would be Enrique Ponce who would have been most predisposed to sign the divorce papers once and for all, while Paloma Cuevas would have resisted due to different disagreements in the initial agreement.

Apparently, the businesswoman was not entirely satisfied with the distribution that had been made of the extensive heritage that the marriage has reaped throughout their more than 25 years together.

The possibility that Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas could appeal to Justice to close their divorce, unable to reach a common ground.Fortunately, it was not necessary for faces to be seen in court, and their separation is already a reality.

Just a few hours after the rupture has become official in the face of public administrations, there are many who wonder if the bullfighter will take advantage of his newly acquired marital status to go back through the altar with Ana Soria, the young woman from Almería with whom he has been in a relationship for more than a year.

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