Emma Garcia is one of the best-known presenters on the small screen and has become a benchmark for social chronicle information. Paradoxically, the presenter is very discreet and rarely speaks about her private life.

However, on this occasion she has made an exception and has opened on the channel in full direct, speaking long and hard on such intimate matters like the relationship with her father or with her husband.

The journalist has been very excited in ‘Viva la vida’, to the point that she has not been able to hold back the tears when she has remembered the man who gave her life.

“The thing that has brought me closer to you is seeing you excited. There are times when the public needs to see you as any of us. The people you are repressing all day are much more emotional,” Terelu Campos told Emma García.

Following her advice, the presenter continued talking about her intimate life and dedicated some equally beautiful words to her husband, Aitor Senar, even airing some aspects of her sexuality:

He is a wonderful guy, the best life partner and wonderful in bed. You can talk to him about everything, he is supportive and in such a long couple if there is no admiration and passion.”

Pure love

The truth is that Emma García has already pointed out on more than one occasion how in love she is with her husband. Despite the years they have been married, the routine has not made a dent in their relationship and they continue to love each other as much as the first day.

We’re doing great. We have been around for 21 years or so and it is clear to me that he is the love of my life, especially that he is my life partner. So I cross my fingers because you never know, but I’m happy”, she celebrated last September in a meeting with the press.

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