Emily Ratajkowski ignites rumors that she is bisexual thanks to this video

Emily Ratajkowski Bisexual: Emily Ratajkowski ignites rumors that she is bisexual

Just one day after the singer Madonna went viral thanks to a video of TikTok where she apparently declared himself gay, now she is the model Emily Ratajkowski 31 years old, who gave what to talk about in the same social network.

The actress and model Shay Mitchell posted a video a few days ago where a TikTok user asks her: “If you identify as bisexual, Do you have a green velvet sofa?“. Mitchell, 35, then shows off her green velvet sofa, which many fans saw as confirmation of her bisexuality.

And it was just a similar video that Emily Ratajkowski posted on her official profile, in which, like the Madonna clip, she doesn’t say a word. When the same question comes up that Mitchell was asked, Emily simply moves her cell phone camera to reveal a green couch and waves goodbye to her as she giggles coquettishly.

In the past, both Mitchell and Ratajkowski have consistently refused to label their sexuality. Shay, 35, known for her role on the series Pretty Little Liars, told Cosmopolitan in 2016: “I would never label myself. you love who you love“.

For both actresses and models, the response from the audience has been favorable, with one TikTok user clapping: “So many famous women are coming out and I love it“.

The now controversial video of Emily Ratajkowski, which in just four hours already had 655 thousand views, comes to light weeks after reports surfaced that the model and Brad Pitt were “meeting” after she filed for divorce from now-ex Sebastian Bear-McClard.

“Brad and Emily have been hanging out as friends,” a source told Us Weekly. “Their relationship is in the early stages right now. But they like each other and are excited to see where things go.”

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