Eduin Caz breaks the silence and responds to criticism for his weight gain and drinking

Eduin Caz breaks the silence and responds to criticism for his weight gain and drinking

Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, decided to respond to the criticism he has received on social networks that talk about his weight gain and, above all, his way of drinking

Eduin Caz continues to gain popularity thanks to the success of Grupo Firme, but after it became known that he would be abusing alcoholic beverages again, the singer did not remain silent and sent a forceful response to those who criticize him for his drinking, as well as for have gained weight.

Grupo Firme is one of the most successful groups at the moment in Mexico and internationally, but this has not prevented its members from being involved in controversy, as has happened in recent months with its vocalist, Eduin Caz, who has faced scandal for his uncontrolled way of drinking that continues to cause concern to his fans because during his concerts in which he appears with bottle in hand and has even fallen asleep on stage.

And it was precisely for this reason that the 28-year-old singer once again raised his voice to stop the accusations, assuring that he knows exactly what is happening in his life. On this occasion, he faced the scandal through Instagram stories where he wrote:

“Regarding the previous story and they know that what they say about me is worth 3 kilos of… I live my life… in my own way”, this after a medium spoke about his drinking.

But that was not all, since in one more story, the interpreter of songs like “Ya Superame”, “En Tu Perra Vida” and “El Tóxico” spoke about his physical appearance, because according to his fans, excesses with alcohol and Bad habits have caused you to gain weight.

In this regard, Eduin Caz accepted that he gained several kilos, but he is already getting down to work, so with a photograph from the gym, he assured that he does not intend to miss this stage in which he is enjoying everything he is living to the fullest .

“I confess that I gained a little weight, but I feel that I am in the best moment of my life“He wrote next to the postcard in which he also posed shirtless.

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