The vocalist of Grupo Firme was splendid with his best friend to whom he gave him a luxury car as he was one of the few who always supported him since the beginning of his career

The Group Firm continues to add successes internationally, but despite already reached an unimaginable level, its members continue with the humility that always characterized ha, it is no secret that young people lead a “normal” life, but now without the shortcomings they once suffered.

For this reason, celebrities share what comes into their hands, the earnings they receive from their work at Grupo Firme they take advantage of to enjoy comforts with their family and are always aware that their loved ones lack nothing.

Such is the case of Eduin Caz, who has repeatedly confessed that one of his purposes in life is to give the best to his family, but also to be there and support those who trusted him.

Now the interpreter of “Ya supérame” surprised one of his best friends, gave him a car as a thank you for all the support and unconditional love.

The surprise accomplice was another of Eduin’s best friends, the young man came to Luis Alaniz’s house and handed him a paper bag with keys inside.

Luis posted a video recorded by one of the people who helped Eduin. “This gift is sent by Eduin. More than anything, he gives it to you for your friendship, we, for loyalty, you know, right? From the beginning it has been with him. Carnalito, then enjoy it. Open it, we, to see if it fits you ” , they mention Luis when they gave him the bag.

Luis was very surprised when he saw the keys to the black sedan car, the latest model, in which the people in charge of the surprise moved. The young man couldn’t believe what was happening. “ It’s worth crying, old man, all yours. Here I have the papers … “ , they mention Alaniz

From his Instagram account Eduin Caz also reacted immediately and wrote a message for his faithful friend.  “Happy Birthday, my darling. He knows that I love him very much ”.

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