What were the most memorable roles of Edith gonzalez? The Mexican actress, a friend of Carmen Salinas, remained in the history of soap operas for her different roles that she played since 1970. The artist, who died at the age of 54 due to cancer on June 13, 2019, remains in the memory of her followers and many have begun to remember the most celebrated works he had on the small screen, such as “The rich also cry.”

Edith González was born on December 10, 1964 in Mexico City

The way of Edith González Fuentes She started from a very young age, on the recommendation of a friend of her mother Ofelia. The television and called, but the artist also be guided by the dance. She studied at the Lee Strasberg theater academy and the Sorbonne , as well as at the Du Marais dance center .

In this way, his first job was in 1971, within the television program ” Always on Sunday .” From that moment, he began to surround himself with familiar faces from TV and his career in various productions it was already beginning to germinate.

After a career of almost forty years, González She was one of the most prestigious actresses in the field, who was recognized not only in Mexico but also internationally , especially in the Spanish-speaking world. His name is already a legend in acting.

Mexican actress Edith González passed away on June 13 from ovarian cancer.



Many consider that ” The rich also cry ” was the moment when the young woman Edith gonzalez, only 15 years old, it was already confirmed that she would be one of the stars that would shine forever on the small screen. The still minor, in 1975, had among her castmates Verónica Castro, Rogelio Guerra and Christian Bach , who was her friend until the last of her days.


In this way, her next big step would be her first leading role on television: ” Bianca Vidal “, in 1982. The actress gave life to the character that gives life to the television series, when she was 18 years old. Together with Salvador Pineda , they interpreted a murky story of a young woman who falls in love with her geography teacher .


Another of Edith González’s great roles was that of Countess Mónica De Altamira Montero de Alcázar y Valle in “ Corazón Salvaje ”, a 1993 telenovela that won all the applause at the beginning of that decade. She had the main role alongside Eduardo Palomo, accompanied by Ariel López Padilla, Enrique Lizalde, Ana Colchero and Claudia Islas , among other actors.


González’s career was at its best on television, but also in theater. One of the most outstanding roles she had on stage was that of Elena Tejero in “ Aventurera ”, the play produced by Carmen Salinas. She did this theatrical piece between 1997 and 1998, when she was 34 years old. Then he would put on the skin of Tejero again in 2007.


Edith González is also remembered for starring in “Doña Bárbara” in 2008, alongside Christian Meier . She was applauded by the public and awarded by the specialized critics for her great performance of Bárbara Guaimarán . This role has been considered one of her best interpretations and the one that is most remembered when talking about the great Mexican actress.


A few days ago it was revealed through social networks that Edith González was not the actress chosen to put herself in the shoes of “ Doña Bárbara ”, but Gaby Spanic .

The Instagram account ‘ Noveleando ‘ shared some photos of how the Venezuelan actress looked in the pilot of the telenovela, in fact, they had already presented her as the protagonist, however, things changed.

Gaby Spanic was pregnant with her only child and since the project was going to last around nine months, there was no way to hide the actress’s belly, so the producers decided to summon Edith González to be the protagonist of “Miss Barbara”.

Finally, the project ended up being for the Mexican actress, who shared credits with Christian Meier, Génesis Rodríguez, Katie Barberi and Arap Bethke , among many others.

Throughout the nine months that it aired, between 2008 and 2009, this story obtained high levels of audience in countries such as Colombia, the United States, Venezuela and Spain.

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