Sep 24, 2023 |What happened to Denisse Guerrero, singer of Belanova, who recently reappeared in networks?

Three photos on Denisse Guerrero’s Instagram account sparked rumors about a possible return of Belanova.

Denisse Guerrero, lead singer of Belanova, reappeared on social networks after a considerable period of absence. The singer, originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, shared three photos on her Instagram account whose message raised hopes among fans about a possible return of the group from Guadalajara.

Belanova, a group formed by Denisse Guerrero, Edgar Huerta and Ricardo Arreola, announced in 2018 that they would take an indefinite break in record productions and stage performances. After almost five years of the news, the band has not given glimpses about a reunion, however a message from the singer rekindled the expectation.

Denisse Guerrero reappears on Instagram

August 8, Denisse Guerrero celebrated her 43rd birthday with the opening of a new Instagram account.

Wearing a black dress, shoes with high platforms and her characteristic long hair over her torso, the singer from Sinaloa showed herself for the first time after several years of absence on social networks.

“One more year to say that life is still worth living, existence has meaning, our mission is to find it. Thank you all for waiting, the best is yet to come. Blessings. Denisse G.,” the vocalist wrote in her post.

In addition to the image gallery, Denisse shared on insta stories some of the moments she experienced at the celebration.

In a video, the singer can be seen surrounded by her friends while they sing “las mañanitas” to her and the candle on the cake shoots sparks.

Without details about the location where she celebrated, a large terrace with wooden tables and the dim light of the spotlights hung as a clothesline can be seen.

Just a few weeks ago, some photographs of Denisse were leaked on Twitter. In the images, the native of Los Mochis can be seen in the company of several friends in what appears to be a studio or gallery.

“FINALLY!!!! Finally she shows up!!! Please come back!!!!”, “It’s good to see her again. I hope she is well”, “Tell her to come back”, can be read in the comments of some of the publications that shared these photos.


On Sep 24, 2023 Denisse Guerrero posted some images and wrote:

Fashion is implicated in our everyday lives.
Speak about who we are, without having to say a word.
There we have the opportunity to create our own rules and be bold.
To me music and fashion have always gone hand in hand.
I think songs, they have shapes, colors, textures and are part of my personality as an artist.
It was and still is my way of expressing myself.
I was always clear I wanted to take up music, but I also had anxiety to study a career, so I coupled with my beginnings with Belanova I studied fashion design.
Today the @relatosdeunmaniqui exhibition depicts the evolution of the fashion industry in Guadalajara over the past 70 years was opened. Thank you @jorgelupercio@culturajalisco@ricardoluevanos for making me part of this project and exhibiting a design of mine created for the album “Travel to the Center of the Heart” in collaboration with my friend @oscar_lupercio1042 and boots @cruzlsandro Kisses, Denisse

Denisse Guerrero 2 Denisse Guerrero 3

What Led Belanova’s Denisse Guerrero to Take a Break from the Spotlight?

In August 2021, during an interview, journalist Javier Poza asked Édgar Huerta, keyboardist of Belanova, some details about the separation of the electro pop group. He also took the opportunity to ask about Denisse’s projects.

However, Édgar was reserved in his statements and only assured that the vocalist was with her family, enjoying an extended break after almost two decades of work.

“She is now in Sinaloa, she decided to spend some time with her family, after 18 years of continuous work […] they were very intense years and it was necessary to take a break. She told us that she wanted to spend some time with her parents, Edgar told the radio host.

Regarding the rumors that circulated in 2021 about Denisse being the biological daughter of María Elena Velasco, actress who played India María, the musician completely dismissed such accusations.

“The rumor that you say seems very curious to me, they have given it many twists that she is the daughter of India María, but I have known her since we were 18 years old, I know her mother, her father. Denisse has already denied it, it seems very strange to me […]”, he declared.

Édgar shared that he is constantly in communication with Denisse and Ricardo and, despite his still undefined retirement, he considered that it was something they all needed.

“We are fine, both Denise, Richie and I are very well, it is simply a very necessary and valid pause. It started for three months and now we are going on three years,” he said.

She also mentioned that they have received requests to join tours throughout Mexico and the United States, however Belanova had no plans at that time to make a return to performances or new music.

“I don’t want to push things. When the time is right Belanova will come out and we will talk and we will say ‘hey, we have to get together to make new songs'”.

The keyboardist thanked the fans for their support and discarded a definitive retirement of the group and emphasized that they were on a pause. He also mentioned that Belanova went beyond monetary interests and that it was a ‘real’ project, in which there was a lot of affection among the members.

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