Damián Betular

Who is Damián Betular?

Damián Betular, again on screen in the third season of Bake Off, always had a rather low profile but it was with the outbreak of MasterChef Celebrity that he passed into the celebrity category. Here, a bit of its history.

Damián Betular , back on screen in the third season of Bake Off , always had a rather low profile but with the outbreak of MasterChef Celebrity he passed into the category of a true celebrity in his own light. It was from that moment, when building a character between lovable and at the same time acid humor, that he knew how to win the affection of the public.

Damián Betular knew how to win the affection of the public and become the most beloved jury of MasterChef Celebrity, thanks to his faces, his gestures and his outings with the participants. Something that will undoubtedly put into practice this season of Bake Off on the Telefe screen.

But the truth is that little was known until then about the figure of this master pastry chef from the exclusive Duhau Palace. Damián Betular was born in Dolores, Buenos Aires province, on October 20, 1982, the town where he lived until finishing industrial secondary school. As he was already clear that his was gastronomy, he came to Buenos Aires where he began to study and work. He graduated from the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy as a Gastronomic Professional in 2002 and as a Professional Pastry Chef in 2003.

Not satisfied with it, he traveled first to New York and then to London to improve himself. Of course, later he also traveled to Mexico and Japan to continue to gain experience. But the truth is that his mentor, as he likes to call her, was Pamela Villar (today his partner in the Bake Off jury) who discovered him working at the Sucre restaurant and led him to work on her team. From there, he took his sweet creations to different places until they called him from the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Hotel in Buenos Aires, where today he is executive chef.

At the moment of remembering his love for cooking, Betular himself told in an interview that his grandmother and mother were always his references, and that the first thing he did as a young man was an inverted cake with canned pineapple, which Mom is still making. Carmen. Thus, little by little and with a lot of work, he forged his prolific career as a great pastry chef, of which his mother and father – who have always been present – are proud every time they see him appear in the media. It is the pride of Dolores.

As it will be that his career was in constant ascent, that before becoming famous and consecrated figure as he is today, back in 2018 he had to cook at the summit of world leaders in 2018. “The idea was for them to try our classic dessert. ”, He had related about that time in which he surprised the North American and Chinese entourage with some very Argentine pancakes with dulce de leche. Meanwhile, since last night he can be seen again on TV by the Telefe pastry reality show, in which, in the first program, he challenged two participants with his particular humor.

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