Cruel criticism of Maria Jesús Ruiz for posing naked in bed with her boyfriend

Cruel criticism of Maria Jesús Ruiz for posing naked in bed with her boyfriend

The model and former contestant of Big Brother Vip, María Jesús Ruiz, and her latest boyfriend, Francisco Miguel Rodríguez, better known as Curro, raised the temperature this Sunday on Instagram after posting a photo of both, naked, in bed to wish her followers good night.

A photograph that naturally shows the day-to-day life of a couple in love but that has unleashed strong criticism.

“Good evening!!” Happy rest everyone, to sleep”, reads the foot of the publication, which has more than 6,000 ‘likes’ and gathers comments that are most hurtful for the model that denigrate her as a woman and mother.

The beautiful Jaén has defended herself from criticism and has answered each of the negative comments that the couple has received for showing how God brought them into the world in bed.

Although it is not the first time that they provoke their users with risque images, the former reality contestant is especially bothered by those comments in which she is judged as a mother.

Let us remember that just a few months ago, her last partner, Julio Ruz, managed to take custody of his four-year-old daughter Maria Jesús, leaving the Jaén woman devastated.

You have two daughters. Hearing them alone,” one of her followers reproached her and Maria Jesús did not take long to answer: “Do I stop loving my daughters for it? For God’s sake! We are in the 21st century!!”

“Tell me what is he or I doing in that wrong photo? Besides I am free to make my life with the man I want or I already have to be tied to the girl’s parents. I don’t understand your comment,” answered Maria Jesús indignantly.

Although there have also been those who have come out in support of the ex of Jose María Gil Silgado and have asked respect to those who comment on the image of the couple:

“A little more RESPECT. There is nothing to be scandalized and less today in networks! Our mouths fill up defending women and we are the first to attack. This lady is not doing anything wrong, a lot of hypocrisy and envy”.

Curro, the man who makes her happy and unhappy.

The sentimental life of the former Miss Spain, 39, has been scandalizing Spain since she rose to fame for making love in a reality show with Dani DJ, Belén Esteban’s ex-boyfriend. Since then, the model has starred in the world of the heart for her courtships with married men like Curro or millionaires, such as the Sevillian builder, José María Gil Salgado or the Cordovan, Julio Ruz, parents of her two daughters.

But it has been her current partner, Curro, the man who has restored her faith in love, despite the fact that he had allegedly been unfaithful to her and would have concealed from her that he was married at the beginning of their relationship.

The beautiful model found out about all this the day she announced in Save me that she had fallen in love with Curro. Although they broke up for a few months, they decided to give themselves another chance and have not parted since.

Maria Jesús has bet heavily on this relationship and she trusts her boyfriend, with which she continues to star in affectionate scenes on Instagram. Thus, on the occasion of her love’s birthday, Maria Jesús dedicated some heartfelt words to her, which she accompanied with an image of both naked in bed but under the covers.

“Today is the birthday of my life partner, with whom I share my happiest and hardest moments. With which I have decided to live and in which I rely. I love you, my life, for many more you meet together!”.

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