Cristina Pedroche, despite the success with the Campanadas, hits rock bottom: “These are being difficult days”

Cristina Pedroche, despite the success with the Campanadas, hits rock bottom: “These are being difficult days”

A few days after making history on television, by getting Antena 3 to win the battle for audiences on the last night of the year, the host of its Campanadas, Cristina Pedroche, has reflected on the consequences of her triumph and the terrible criticism that her look has generated on social media.

Although it may not seem like it, they are being difficult days”- start by saying the host in a statement posted on her Instagram- “And although I try to stay a bit on the sidelines and not read anything, there are always comments or gestures that reach me and that make me feel bad. Not bad, very bad.”

“This year I wanted to be the most special and I swear that night I really enjoyed it. I felt prettier than ever, with overwhelming energy, sure of myself and very happy to be able to wear a 1991 design by Manuel Piña,” she assures thanking those who have made it possible to turn her into the famous designer’s “posthumous muse”: her stylist, Josie, and those responsible for the Manuel Piña Museum.

Although chef David Muñoz’s wife is used to being criticized for her daring outfits in the broadcasts of the Chimes, it has already been eight years since the New Year began, she has not been able to enjoy her great success as she would have liked.

In the first time that TVE loses its leadership in Puerta del Sol, 33.7% of the “share” and more than 6.3 million viewers, ate the grapes with the couple formed by Pedroche and Chicote.

But this audience success has been clouded by fierce criticism. that the presenter has received on social networks and that she recognizes that they are affecting her emotional stability, which is why she has decided to disappear from the internet for a few days.

As for my hair, Josie wanted me to shave my bottom part,” explains the presenter, aware that this year the critics come to her for her false shaved look. But after seeing, in a characterization test, the shocking image of Pedroche bald, the stylist “liked me even more.”

If I had had to shave my head I would have done it without hesitation. Hair does not make a woman more or less beautiful, and of course, neither better nor worse person.”

Cristina Pedroche announces that she will disappear for a few days from the networks to be calm.

Right now I want to be quiet for a few days. Perhaps it is because of the accumulation of fatigue, also of insults and bad words, or other things, because people congratulate me when I know they were not really happy. Congratulating me on the audience is not worth it. On the 31st you tell me ‘Olé you Pedroche’, every 31st I am totally naked in terms of feelings and I give it my all.”

For those of you who support me, those of you who care about me, those of you who understand the hard work behind it, because it’s worth everything for you, thanks for being there. To those who do not, I also wish you the best because everyone, be that as it may, deserves love. In fact I am convinced that if these people had more love they would be more respectful.”

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