Controversy in the Premier League: a player is caught in bed with another girl days before his wedding

Controversy in the Premier League: a player is caught in bed with another girl days before his wedding

A new scandal sentimental has shaken the football English. The front Andy Carrol he has been photographed with another girl in bed days before he married his fiancée. The young woman with whom she spent the night is the waitress at the Dubai hotel where she was staying and it was she herself who spread the image through her Snapchat account.

All this history goes back to the bachelorette party of his girlfriend, Billi Mucklow. The young woman went with her friends to Dubai for a few days to celebrate her end of the singleness and the athlete he turned up unannounced to spend a few days with her before she returned to England. When she returned to the United Kingdom, the footballer began his bachelor party with his friends. After a long day of partying and a lot of alcohol, Andy Carrol he spent the night with one of the hotel maids and she took a photo with him in bed and spread it. Instantly, the photo went viral.

The waitress gave some statements to ‘The Sun’ in defense of the footballer, saying that it never worked out for him unfaithful with her and that she only slept: “It was an after party. We all went back to her hotel. Andy and I and my friend were there. I didn’t sleep with him, it wasn’t like that, there were three of us in the room. It was a full day and night of drinking, we had been at Cove Beach since 12, it was a very boozy day. We were all drunk.” Even so, the image has caused Carrol and Mucklow’s wedding to be in danger, as confirmed by sources close to the couple: “This is all at a very bad time with the wedding so close.”

It has become one of the news of the week in the United Kingdom and has left everyone speechless. It is not known if there will finally be a wedding or not and if Billi Mucklow will be able to forgive the father of her children. The couple has been together for more than 10 years and they have been one of the most established media couples on the English scene. We will have to wait to find out if, finally, they will be discharged or not.

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