The “whole world” has had a hard time accepting that Princess Diana died in a “car accident”, according to a French researcher.

The royal died at the age of 36 when her car crashed under a Paris bridge in August 1997, so Martine Monteil – the head of the Criminal Squad – has acknowledged that the incident is still surrounded by theories. conspiracies 25 years later.

The specialist told the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Investigating Diana: Death in Paris’: “The whole world has had a hard time accepting that the Princess of Wales died in a mundane accident.”

And she affirmed that her work is still unfinished because they have not located the white Fiat Uno that, apparently, collided with the car in which Diana was traveling the night of her death.

“I’m sure it’s out there. Unfortunately we don’t have it. But you already know that the driver of the Fiat Uno is not the real culprit. The responsibility lay with the Mercedes,” said the investigator.

Diana, Dodi Fayed -her boyfriend- and her driver, Henri Paul, died immediately from the impact at high speed. Only Trevor Rees-Jones, Dodi’s bodyguard, survived.

Mohamed Al Fayed previously stated that British secret agents could have been involved in the death of his son and the princess. However, a grand jury determined that they actually died from the high speed at which they were traveling and the driver’s alcohol consumption.

Princes William and Harry also supported the jury’s verdict. In a statement they said then: “We agree with the jury and their verdicts. In addition, we are enormously grateful to each and every one of them for the tolerance they have shown in accepting such a significant alteration of their lives during the last six months.” .

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