Comedian Fuquan Johnson

Comedian Fuquan Johnson and Two Others Reported Death

Actress Kate Quigley is also hospitalized for an overdose.

This morning the terrible news of the death of the comedian Fuquan Johnson and two other people was known as part of an alleged party. The well-known “Comedy Parlor Live” actor would have been part of a meeting in Venice, California, where the events of a fentanyl overdose unfolded .

The tragedy was reported by TMZ and it transpired that the three deceased persons had mixed cocaine and the opioid , which resulted in an overdose and, later, death. Actress Kate Quigley, known for “The Office”, would also have been part of the party and is currently hospitalized in Los Angeles in serious condition. The identity of the other fatalities is still unknown.

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Currently, the corresponding authorities are in the process of investigating the case, in search of the person responsible for having supplied the drugs and the conditions in which these three people died. No statements have yet been made to the press by the relatives, nor is it known who other people could have attended the party, or if there were more affected people at this meeting. Fuquan Johnson was a recognized figure on the Los Angeles comedy circuit and he was 42 years old.

The substance that claimed the lives of many stars

The fentanyl is a substance similar to morphine but is much more powerful; it has anesthetic and analgesic effects. Mixed with other drugs and with improper use, it can certainly be fatal. In recent times, this substance has appeared at various parties on both coasts of our country, and thus has alerted society about the high and improper use of it.

We remember that fentanyl was also the substance that caused the death of great artists in recent years, among which we can name Prince, Mac Miller and Tom Petty.

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