The Venezuelan singer Chyno miranda, remembered for being part of the duo Chino and Nacho, surprised everyone by announcing that he will stay away from social networks indefinitely after having been the center of attention for several weeks.

Through his official Instagram account, the interpreter of “Raro” and “My pretty girl” shared an extensive statement in which he explains that he sent “the wrong message” with his actions after having made the news for health and life issues private.

“I have had better days than others, and controlling anxiety, vulnerability, fragility and what this entails, have become a complex challenge to face, that only those who suffer from it can understand me, because there are moments in which reality is transformed and the mind makes plays that help us to fall.” Chyno wrote in the statement.

“Because, from the bottom of my heart I want you, who have been since the beginning of my career, to continue supporting me despite the misrepresentations that have been made about my personal and health matters, as well as the moments in which without measuring my actions I sent a wrong message” he added.

Likewise, the Venezuelan singer asked his followers for patience and empathy during his recovery process to return to the stage. “The sun will always rise. I appreciate that they give me the space I need and the understanding free of judgment”, ended in his message.

As it is recalled, in 2020 the singer suffered from peripheral neuropathy and then encephalitis, this after having fought a tough battle against the coronavirus. Since then, Chyno used his social networks to share details of his recovery process.

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