Christine Chubbuck

Christine Chubbuck, the journalist who committed suicide live in the middle of the news

The driver was 29 years old and generated a worldwide commotion. It happened on July 15, 1974, but it will remain in memory for all of history. Shocking details.

A tremendous episode created a historic landmark in the media. The tragic outcome happened on July 15, 1974, when the host Christine Chubbuck , sitting in a studio in Florida, United States , during her Suncoast Digest program, took a gun and committed suicide . He was 29 years old and everything was broadcast live.

Before that last program, the television host had told him that this day was going to be “different.” And it definitely was.

“In accordance with the policy of Channel 40, to offer you the latest in blood and guts, in colors, you will see another first. A suicide attempt,” he said calmly before starring in the terrifying scene.

Then  Chubbuck  took a paper envelope, opened it, and pulled out a gun. He shot himself in the head. Fifteen hours later, she was officially declared dead at a local hospital.

Spectators witnessed the entire scene. The producers of the show were unaware of Chubbuck’s plan and were only able to cut the image when the journalist’s body had already collapsed on the desk.

Later it was learned that the young journalist suffered from depression and had been visiting a psychiatrist, who had ruled out that she could have suicidal tendencies. Even her mother testified before the police and assured that her daughter was in love with a co-worker but he had rejected her for another woman.

In 2016, the American director Antonio Campos made a film about his shocking story.


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