Christian Gálvez breaks his silence after his separation from Almudena Cid

Christian Gálvez breaks his silence after his separation from Almudena Cid

Last week the world of social chronicles was shocked by the unexpected separation of Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid, one of the couples that seemed more consolidated.

Apparently, the couple was going through a long crisis that they kept secret as a result of the wear and tear of coexistence, and no matter how hard they tried to solve their marital problems, it finally could not be.

Since the news was released, neither of them has spoken about it, but now the presenter has broken his silence and has sent a few words of gratitude and improvement through his social networks.

Finally, Christian Gálvez wanted to thank all the support received since the news of their separation was released. “Thank you all for the love and respect shown these days and, especially, to my 9 roses“, it is finished.

New illusion?

Last week, Carmen Alcayde revealed in ‘Sálvame’ that Christian Gálvez and Alba Carrillo starred “A fool” while recording a television program. According to the collaborator, among them “there was a lot of spark and chemistry”. Apparently, Alba openly linked with the presenter and this, according to the gathering, responded favorably.

The truth is that Alba Carrillo did not hide how attracted she felt to Christian Gálvez and even she assured that she was looking forward to having dinner with him, now that she is also single after her break with Santi Burgoa and her disappointment with Canales Rivera, of whom she says she feels “disappointed” for not defending her mother in the big fight he had with Jorge Javier Vázquez on the set of ‘Secret Story’.

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