Once again, unpleasant news about the Rivera family returns, first the strong accusations from Juan Rivera for the singer of the regional genre Lupillo Rivera about his “double face” with the children of the Diva of the band and the turbulent business that he would offer Mr. Pedro Rivera, now well, it seems that the avenger of the bad actions of his relatives, since he has just exposed another member of his family.

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera

In this case, it would be Chiquis Rivera’s turn, exposing it in an interview she gave to Imagen TV where she talked about some problems she has been having with the subject “Queen bee”, one of the 18 tracks that make up the most recent studio album of her niece, because apparently the composers who work for the Rivera family are not being compensated as they should.

Juan said:

“Right now I’m having problems with my niece because of a topic, precisely, “Queen Bee”, they still haven’t made the editor’s corrections that I asked almost three months ago”… “Chiquis, I don’t know how to manage your editor, but if Chiquis does that (the little pay to the composers) it is an injustice to put the whole family”

A strong controversy has been created, after Martin Urieta will talk about the situation among the people who work as composers for the Rivera company, the uncle of Chiquis Rivera released:

“If Mr. Urieta is talking about my niece’s editor, then let him say Chiquis, in the end Chiquis said that she is no longer Rivera, nothing else is Chiquis, then, it is not the Rivera family, it is Chiquis, if it is that it’s like that”

Well, Juan Rivera assured that what matters to him is that they do not stain his father’s prestige or company, Peter Rivera Before this strong accusation, the interpreter of “The honor” She has not commented on this situation, because she has been very busy working on her “Queen Bee Tour” and in the new launch of products for your brand Be Flawless Cosmetics but it is not known that later the waters of his version will calm down.

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