Just as the singer and businesswoman Chiquis Rivera promised through a live broadcast on her Instagram and Facebook account, she announced the winners of the incredible raffle to win the truck. Mercedes Benz 2021 GLE-350 and two other awards, but surprised by announcing two more winners.

Being a live of the funniest, since she was not alone, her brother accompanied her Mickey friends and staff of her team, consented to everything her fans asked her to do, since the first request was to tweerk, so showing off her best dance steps, she got down to work and began to move her hips coquettishly .

Her younger brother also kept her company moving his hips next to her, to later announce the winners, he wrote all the names of the people who bought a ticket and put them in a black bag, opened the trunk of the truck and from there I was taking out the names, the first place went to a woman, who receives the name of Silvia Cortez, she was the lucky one to take the Mercedes Benz at home.

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Chiquis Rivera had previously commented that he felt that a woman would be the winner and so it was. After congratulating her, she quickly took out another piece of paper to read the name of the second winner who would take home $1000 dollars and it was Cristina Nuñez, to later announce the third winner of the raffle who receives the name of José Luis Jaimes who can boast of winning $500 dollars. .

The 36-year-old singer informed the series of ticket numbers of the lucky people and even tried to contact Silvia to give her the excellent news that she had been chosen, after two attempts and to send it to the mailbox, in a way different left him a message, rapping! being completely funny for all the spectators.

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera

After that, she thought it would be a good idea to bring out two more winners, named Vanesa and Citlalit, who are creditors of $500 as well as third place.

Chiquis Rivera was very excited to be able to give this truck away, on the other hand, she was also a little nervous because she mentioned “I hope this winning person is not talking bad about me”.

Once the names of the winners had already been announced, she commented that later she would contact them in a rather peculiar way, that was how that live fun ended in a very different way, she jumped into pool!

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