Casino Streamer – Scurrows reveals his bank balance

Casino Streamer – Scurrows reveals his bank balance

Scurrows reveals his bank balance

With his last Twitter post, the streamer Scurrows published an insight into his finances. Accordingly, he put all his savings in lawyers in 2021. Only 12 months later he is officially a millionaire. He thanks his community for this: “2021 all savings put into lawyers. 2022 millionaire. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this rocky but very successful path.”

But his financial success hasn’t met with the approval of too many fans. The reason for this is the way he got his money. So there are many comments like the following, in which he is criticized for his casino deal: “Yes, you can only treat the people who are now drifting into gambling addiction.“

Online Casino-Deal

Just two months ago, the Scurrows was heavily criticized. Various online colleagues spoke out against his mega deal. These include, for example, Unge and Reved, who each published statements about their casino deals. Reved warned that Scurrows even criticized Montanablack for its online casino advertising some time ago:

“Please don’t advertise the casino. I do not get it. The streamers who do casino streams usually earn a good six-digit, if not seven-digit, anyway. Please think twice about whether you want to earn your money like this. Well, if you got 7 digits now, you would do it too, it’s stupid too. Yes, maybe Tim, 21, trainee would do that. But the streamers who make casino streams usually earn a good 6-digit if not sometimes 7-digit anyway. I don’t know.”

Justification of Scurrows

The casino streamer justified his casino deal. In his reply to Reved, he accuses her of earning large sums of money herself and therefore having it easy to talk. As a small streamer, he was simply weakened by the earning opportunities with his casino deal:

“btw du don’t earn 7 digits. also not 6 digits. Du as a family-friendly streamer safe, you make at least 40k a month, i don’t do that. By far not. Nevertheless, I became weak over the possibility of a high salary. I think it’s good that you’re doing the tweet because you’re actually right. Still, I’ve become weak, that’s all I can say. Also, I don’t have a million or half a million euros in my account, so that’s a good reason for me to say yes.”

Here’s the tweet:

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