Carlos Marín’s truncated plans: he was going to release an album with his ex Geraldine Larrosa

Carlos Marín’s truncated plans: he was going to release an album with his ex Geraldine Larrosa

«My great love is gone, 30 years I have been with him», with these words Geraldine Larrosa fired Carlos Marín, the singer of the group IlDivo, who died on December 19 at a hospital in the city of Manchester. The singer said goodbye with her sister, Rosa, and the rest of Carlos’s family, who has been the love of her life.

«We had survived the pandemic and the pandemic has taken it away from me». After divorcing, the couple had reconciled two years ago, a time that both took advantage of to spend the confinement of the Covid together, living in a house in the country as a family with Scarlett, the singer’s daughter.

The relationship between Carlos and Geraldine never broke down, the good harmony between the two was always a fact even after they divorced, to the point that Carlos was the godfather of their only daughter.

Death has been a severe blow to both of them. According to Geraldine when the little found out about his death “The first thing he did was send him a message on WhatsApp, he wrote:” Please, answer me. ” He never did.

A goodbye by phone

The last hours in the life of the singer were dramatic. Carlos wanted to say goodbye to Geraldine with a call, before intubating her. “He told me how much he loved me and that he would take care of me wherever I went. I encouraged him by telling him that he was going to get ahead, but I knew that the situation was very complicated.”

The farewell to the Madrid singer has not been easy due to the circumstances of the Covid and the sixth wave that the country is experiencing. The long bureaucratic procedures for the repatriation of the body caused the wake to wait until yesterday, Monday.

The family set up visiting hours so that his “fans” could say goodbye to him. Since early in the morning, a security person arrived from the United Kingdom coordinated the access work to the San Isidro Funeral Parlor so that everything was according to the express wish of the family.

His Il Divo colleagues, URs Bühler, David Miller, and Sebastien Izambard, as well as the group’s producer, Simon Cowell have been devastated in saying goodbye to Carlos through their social networks. The members of the quartet could not travel to Madrid to say goodbye to their partner.

For them Carlos was an older brother, they shared the stage with him since their career started in 2004. Geraldine apologized for her absence.

«They have not been able to come, with the Covid situation we are experiencing, they were afraid that they would close the airspace, but they have been pending at all times».

The pandemic has taken the life of the baritone and with him it has truncated one of the musical projects that most excited him: “we were going to release a record together,” recalled Geraldine.

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