Brutal fight between Olga Moreno and Tom Brusse in ‘Survivors’: “A man does not yell at me”

Brutal fight between Olga Moreno and Tom Brusse in ‘Survivors’: “A man does not yell at me”

Olga Moreno Y Tom Brusse have starred in a hard confrontation in the last episode of ‘Survivors’, issued last night. It all started when Antonio David Flores’ wife invited the Moroccan to look for firewood: “Run, go get the firewood, you’ve been lying down”, Told him.

This comment did not sit well with Tom, who replied: “Don’t hesitate to me, okay? My stomach is upset. You lie down and don’t move, okay? What shamelessness”. Little by little, the tension increased and, faced with these comments, Olga was not silent either: “I, what I have most is shame, Tom,” she told him.

The Moroccan insisted and both continued to raise their voices: “How can you talk to me like that when I’m sick? You didn’t even ask what was happening to me, okay? It’s the first time that I lay down in the morning“, Told him.

After this, the anger broke out: both began to yell at each other and to launch reproaches and accusations. On the one hand, Tom told him: “What you are doing is very wrong, because when you were wrong, I have asked you many times”. Olga justified that the comment by which the discussion began had been a joke, something that Tom denied.

On the other hand, Olga stated: “A man is not going to yell at me, because he has never yelled at me. You keep those ways to yourself, but not with me. Do not raise your voice. If you know me, I am the person who has not argued with anyone because I don’t like discussions ”.

Finally, they tried to reconcile, but the tension between the two was palpable in the conversation: “Nobody tells me that I am a scoundrel because I am not. I wanted to talk to you, you didn’t care exactly the same and you left, I’ve been joking, ”Antonio David’s wife told him.

To this, Tom replied: “I don’t know if it’s time to joke when a person wants to vomit”. Right after, Olga replied: “Why am I going to know that you are bad for being lying down if everyone here is lying down?”.

Antonio Canales, first expelled from ‘Survivors’

Antonio Canales placeholder image has been the first expelled of this edition of reality. Last night the dancer Lola Y Palito Dominguín their participation in the reality, finally being Antonio Canales the one chosen by the audience to return to Spain.

Previously, Palito had been chosen (She, Alejandro Albalá and Tom Brusse were nominated) to go to the island in which the dancer and the former contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations’ were separated, although after the votes of the audience, it will continue in ‘Survivors’.

Although it is known by all that in the first weeks of ‘Survivors’ the expelled from the palapa they go to another island, the contestants continue to think that Antonio Canales and Lola are no longer in the reality.

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