Brooke Shields began working in show business at the age of 11 months and in her teens she became a star. While she was very sensual on the big screen and in advertisements, in her daily life she was not very different from any girl of the eighties. This contrast was evidenced when, in the middle of an interview, Barbara Walters began to shamelessly investigate her sexual life, causing her great discomfort.

The same pressure that she received from her in that interview she felt again many times. And despite not feeling comfortable doing it, she found herself giving very intimate details long before she turned 20. This Wednesday, the actress recalled that stage of her life and although she clarified that she does not regret anything, she indicated that the only fact that would reconsider is publicly revealing that she was a virgin.

It happened on her iHeart podcast, Now What? With Brooke Shields. There, when asked by her friend Ali Wentworth if she made many “bad decisions” when she was young, Shields reflected: “I think it was, in retrospect, a small mistake on my part to be so open about my virginity. Above all, because after talking, they never left me alone”.

The actress of La Laguna Azul recalled that the topic of her sexual inexperience began to have relevance after the publication of a 1985 book that she is attributed to her, but that was actually written by another person.

On Your Own is an orientation book for college-age women, published while Shields herself was attending Princeton University. In this regard, the Pretty Baby actress explained on Tuesday that she only wrote the first chapter “in depth”, but that the editor had something else in mind. “They wanted a simple, stupid book,” Ella Shields said. “With quotes like: ‘I like leg warmers.'”

Regarding the questions about his sexual life that were included in the book, Shields assured that his idea was to help his readers. “In the book, there was a part of a chapter, where I discuss, not abstinence per se, but the importance of being able to choose.

And she recalled: “I would get a lot of emails from girls saying, ‘Oh, my boyfriend is putting pressure on me and I don’t want to have sex. What should I do?’. My narrative was: ‘You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.’”

Shields said it was “very creepy” to go on talk shows and talk to older men about it after the book was published.

“I became the most famous virgin in the world,” she said. “Being in the line of fire at such a young age like that, it made me more resilient and prepared me to be ready for anything in this often difficult industry.”

The actress also opened up about how long she decided to wait to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend from Princeton, Dean Cain. The incident occurred when she was 22 years old. “I regret that I waited, because there was a sense of joy and freedom that I should have been able to feel within a relationship that was so lovely and so beautiful and sweet,” Ella Shields said.

Like Shields, Cain became an actor and rose to fame for playing none other than Superman on the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which ran from 1993 to 1997.

In November 2014, Shields had already pointed out in an interview with People that she had actually included a chapter on being a virgin in an earlier book she is credited with, The Brooke Book from 1975. And she attributed the idea to his late mother, Teri. who was also his agent. Brook was able to talk about her long after his strained and complicated relationship with her due to her addiction to alcohol.

This Tuesday, on her podcast Shields also recalled the moment she found out that her boyfriend, another well-known actor, had cheated on her. “I found out that he was cheating on me. She said that she had to go to Los Angeles because her house had been flooded. Three days later, when I called him, she proposed to me. But three days later I called him back and a girl answered the phone. Later, they called from a magazine and told me that they had seen him at a restaurant with another actress.”

Although Shields refused to name the actor, in another of her autobiographical books, There Was a Little Girl, from 2014, she recounted that Liam Neeson had used the excuse that her house had flooded to leave her. .

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