With less than ten days to go before their long-awaited comeback, music group BLACKPINK has been making the exciting announcement to their fans that they will be staging a world tour a few weeks after the release of their upcoming album. Today his Western followers woke up to wonderful news.

At midnight South Korean time, the official Instagram and Twitter accounts of the South Korean group released the promotional poster for their tour ‘BORN PINK’ and with it the places that the talented artists will be visiting in the coming months, as well as the dates of their concerts.

After two years of inactivity altogether, BLACKPINK will finally be coming back with new music on August 19th with a pre-release single titled ‘Pink Venom’, which is just the introduction to the new era that opens in the career of the four members, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé y Jennie.

More attentively, at some point in September the entire album will be released, which is also expected to contain a second music video, although the exact date is not known so far, more information will be given in the coming weeks.

The next thing on his agenda is the start of a world tour.’BORN PINK’, which will be visiting 27 locations in a period of just under a year, visiting mainly countries in Asia, Europe and cities in the United States. However, the company stated that new dates will be added later.

the adventure of BLACKPINK will kick off in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, with two consecutive concerts on October 15 and 16. Almost immediately they will be stepping on US soil on the 25th, where they will tour the main cities of the country for the rest of the month and all of November.

They will then cross the Atlantic Ocean and arrive in Europe in December, where they will start from the first day of the month with a concert in London and will close the phase for the classical continent in Amsterdam.

After briefly pausing for year-end events in South Korea, they will kick off the new year 2023 with a visit to Thailand’s capital, where they are sure to drop by to greet rapper Lisa’s family. Soon they will be transported to China and Japan, and then fly to the Middle East lands.

With rest for the February awards, BLACKPINK will return to the stage in March with more dates in Asian countries and finally in June they will close in Australia, enjoying their wonderful winters.

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