Belinda is honest about Danna Paola for not working together

Belinda is honest about Danna Paola for not working together

After various rumors that have circulated around the singer born in Madrid and Danna Paola, it is Belinda herself who addresses the issue and confesses the reason why they have not worked together.

The today interpreter of “I’d love to“, it ended with the controversy that has surrounded her with her partner, with whom there has been an alleged rivalry for their respective careers, a fact for which according to no duel would take place.

Currently, both Belinda and Danna Paola are in the best moment of their careers and carrying out multiple projects, so the opportunity to collaborate on something together has not been consolidated.

It was the same Latin Pop Princess, who commented on the real reasons and ruled out the theories about both, highlighting the admiration she feels for the actress of “Elite” commented the “born in Spain” on August 15, 1989, who shared the real reasons for not working with the 27-year-old artist.

“I admire Danna Paola a lot. I would love to, of course, why not? In addition, I love collaborating with women. We have both been busy with our things, but if a collaboration occurs in the future and I know something that excites us the two, that inspires us, of course it does”. She pointed out the “ex-fiancee of Christian Nodal”.

So with these statements, the remembered child actress of “Friends forever” (2000) and other productions, confirmed that there is no antipathy or rivalry between the two and on the contrary there is great mutual admiration, something that Danna Paola herself has also stated in past interviews when she has been questioned on the subject.

For her part, the “composer” 33-year-old Belinda Peregrín Schüll has dominated the music world and in recent months the Instagram celebrity has had a greater presence by releasing hits like “Colorblind”, “K-bron”, in addition to other collaborations that include : “Las 12“, “If you call me”, “We are not so crazy”, and recently “I would love it” with Abraham Mateo.

Unfortunately, to date, no project has emerged that can bring together these two great artists, who began their careers very small.

Belinda Peregrín and Danna Paola Rivera Munguía have taken their careers almost on par with projects in music, film, television, series, etc., in addition to becoming one of the most listened to of all time.

So fans of the actress from “Cheetah Girls“, “model” philanthropist”, “businesswoman” and the winner of 9 Kids Choice Awards, look forward to sharing a duet together very soon. But until today it is unknown when they will be able to see the two beautiful Mexican artists together.

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