She opened her heart on the Giselle Blondet Podcast and spoke like never before, she even cried!

“My life collapsed”, that’s how clear Bárbara Bermudo confesses to her friend Giselle Blondet in her Podcast ‘Lo Que No Se Habla’, is that for the first time she told that she suffered from panic attacks and anxiety.

Like every Wednesday, the presenter of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ surprises us with her guests and her stories in which she manages to get them to talk or delve into those issues that they kept or preferred to keep silent for the first time.

Together with Jani Santaella, her life coach and co-team member in this Podcast adventure, Giselle had Bárbara Bermudo as a guest, who in a little over an hour talked about what she didn’t tell about her departure from Univision, what caused in her life, the good and the bad, how it affected her health. The panic attacks, the anxiety and the discovery of what she was doing in her body the past metals.

She also talked about her three daughters, the gift of being able to be 24/7 with the youngest Sofía, since she was born a little before she left the web. The two oldest and how the oldest, Mía Andrea became what the psychologist called ‘teacher daughter’, because it is her reflection that came to heal what Barbie experienced in her pre and adolescence, which even made her cry at the time that she remembered that she was also a girl who ate alone, after moving away from friendships that were not good.



“I was able to heal my heart from those people who hurt me within Univision, who fortunately are no longer here, but they helped me process things in a different way, they helped me to forgive, namely, that with suffering one finds her purpose. It was difficult but then I realized that God had a purpose for me, I was able to raise my baby, Sofia? I felt that God at one point told me it’s time to leave.”

“Univision is my home, it is the institution that paid to see me grow, it invested in me as a professional. I put Univision on a pedestal because it was my first professional home, surrounded by the best producers and executives, but when changes come in the companies, they change the idiosyncrasy, and I was no longer comfortable“.

“It was not easy, I fought with everyone, I saw the cause in everyone. People called me and I blocked everyone, it was an immature decision on my part, but I was in pain? There is a story in the press that is not true about why I left, so when one cannot defend oneself, I preferred to remain silent and understand that God had better things for me and that is how it was.”

“He gave me panic attacks, of course he did, aren’t we perfect to know that everything we are going to do is going to determine us? It ended so abruptly, without me being able to say what happened, and in the end I was left wanting to speak, but if I speak it is an explosion, in the end God is going to show you not why, but for what? It hurts and this makes us grow, when you have children you have to move”.


“One tries to be the best possible mother and there is a charge of conscience. My 13-year-old daughter, Mía Andrea, is a reflection of me and I collide sometimes because she has her strong temperament, and her very blunt views of her and in the end are they people with her own criteria? They are 3 extraordinary girls. Sometimes we want to be parents of wise words and I will be a good mother? Why do I end up screaming? Maybe I couldn’t understand it for many years because I wasn’t there.”

“If I could go back in time, I would have sat with the girl who sat alone (crying), because it happened to me at a given moment, because I knew that the people around me were not the right ones. I was able to make a change at the precise moment that I went to university, it is such a delicate and important age, for them their friends are their life? We see so many children taking their own lives because they were not accepted.”


“It is a very complicated profession, working with Gisselle is a delight, I had 7 presenters by my side during the time I was in ‘Primer Impacto’? I had to chameleonically work with different personalities, egos. One when you work in this medium is not that you become insensitive, but you have that armor that defends you, from the good or the bad. In this profession you do not know who comes with good or bad intentions. But those years in my career made me strong, because you always have to be on the defensive.”


“I had such a fast pace for 21 years that when my body stops collapsing, and I don’t know what’s happening to me, what is my body telling me. I start to check myself, and make appointments with doctors and there is no cause, the issue comes that we reach a certain age that the body comes to speak to us, our body is not always going to be a glorious body and when it speaks to us we have to listen to it“.

“I was feeling all the symptoms of heavy metals, which can start from the mouth, everything that has been heavy metals in our body impacts our health, autoimmune problems, I have decided to make very drastic decisions“.

“My life at one point collapsed due to my health problems, anxiety, I have never suffered from anxiety, I have been nervous, the most important thing is how we deal with it.”


“Women have many more roles than men. Now as mothers we have in addition to that role of wife, daughter, Mario’s children who are part of my life, there are so many roles and hats that in the end it is normal for us to have anxiety and panic attacks, because our mind goes far beyond what we are experiencing, because we want everything to be perfect, we want our children to be at their best in 10 years and there are things that we cannot control… We worry so much about what is going to happen in the future that we do not live in the present ”.

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