It seems as if one were taking an example from the change in nature in autumn. Because just as the color of the leaves on the deciduous trees changes, we too feel like a makeover – not only in the wardrobe, but also on our heads. In 1st place this year: chestnut brown – the color of THE autumn fruit par excellence.

Chestnuts shine brown-red and that is exactly what inspires the hairstyle trend for fall 2022.

Sophie Turner is currently showing how classy the look looks. If you style your hair in generous waves like she does and tame frizzy highlights, you can see the iridescent red-brown nuances best. This is elegance in perfection.

Pale skin types à la Sophie Turner can wear auburn very well, as the color makes the complexion appear warmer. Ideally, your natural hair color is brown, so the reddish shimmering reflections can be easily worked in with a tint or colorant.

Important: Chestnut brown only looks really good when the hair has a nice shine. Means: Provide your strands with plenty of moisture to protect them from a dull and frizzy look. Special coloring care products are also useful to protect the color. An occasional glossing at the hair salon will make your mane shine like it did on the first day.

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