The popular Thai influencer Arisara Karbdecho, unfortunately went through this situation that ended up taking her life, being hospitalized since March for choking on a pork kehab and after two months of intensive therapy his body gave up.

It was through their official social networks, specifically in Facebook where her relatives confirmed the loss of this girl of barely 27 years her mother assures that the famous had a very busy life, which is why on that occasion she was eating very fast to free herself.

Unfortunately that’s how a piece of meat got stuck and that’s what ended up with her. Her doctors arrived nine minutes late and her brain had been without oxygen for too long, despite that they tried to do everything to save her, they took her to the hospital but they were unsuccessful.

Alice BamBam, as her nickname was on social networks, was in intensive care and it was there that she unfortunately took her last breaths.

It has been communicated that the wake will be today and that Saturday would be the time to say goodbye for the last time in the funeral.

Alice BamBam
Alice BamBam

“Everyone who knew Arisara is heartbroken. We were shocked when the event happened, but we all kissed to make it better. She was so young and beautiful. I am devastated that she is gone forever.”

His friends are devastated as we could read in the previous message and it seems incredible that a situation like this was the one that caused it.

Unfortunately, this type of situation does happen, so we can see the great importance of taking the necessary time to do our activities, being in a hurry will never be a good option, we regret these events and hope for a quick resignation for your family and friends, rest in peace Arisara Karbdecho.

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