The recent victory of Antonio David against Telecinco continues giving what to talk about. It is just the first of many legal battles the former collaborator will face from now on. This is what he himself told in ‘La Razón’ last week.

But behind a victory there is always a great team hidden, and in this case the name of Ivan Hernandez is the one that stands out the most.

In addition to the lawyer for the husband of Olga Moreno, has been his friend and confidant since that March 22 a Carlota Sliding determined to publicly announce what has been one of the most controversial television layoffs.

The lawyer has granted an interview for ‘Vergara en Compañía’, the radio program presented by the well-known journalist Mónika Vergara in ‘Radio Decision’.

There he has spoken with her and with the two companions, Aurelio Manzano and Marina Esnal on how they have lived this entire judicial process, among many other things.

“We have done what we had to do. This lawsuit is one of the many that we have left after everything that has happened,” begins by saying Hernández, who assures that at the moment that Antonio David was fired, it was right when he decided that he had to go to the labor court to take the pertinent measures.

“Some points of the judge’s resolution are surprising where it makes clear another very important issue, such as that all those people, entities, companies that have called Antonio David an “abuser” without there being a sentence that says so. Are you going to take action against them?”

Obviously we are going to initiate actions against all the people who have made unfortunate statements, both in civil and criminal proceedings. It is the beginning of many. Some have already gotten in the way and others are getting in the way, because there have been so many programs and so many specials that it is very complicated.

– Antonio David was not even tried

David was tried, at least instructed. An instruction that lasted almost three years, but the instructor understood that there were no rational indications, that there was no evidence of a crime to be able to judge him. This is much more than a presumption of innocence. There is no resolution or signature sentence because the judges have understood that he could not be tried.

– What about the reopening of the Rocío Carrasco case?

– Six months have passed since the beginning of the documentary and there is no reopening of the case. Supposedly that was his objective but to this day it has not been done.

– Despite everything that has happened, there is still a lot of reading on social networks about a possible return of Antonio David to Telecinco … Is it something viable?

Nobody can assure anything in this life, but the last thing I would think about is David’s return to ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’. They have done a lot of damage to both him and the rest of the family.

– Is Antonio David going to sue Rocío Carrasco?

To this day, he has never filed a lawsuit or complaint against Rocío Carrasco other than to protect the rights of her children.

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