Anitta hospitalized a few hours before finalizing tour of Europe

Anitta hospitalized a few hours before finalizing tour of Europe

The last two months have been for Anitta like a whirlwind, because she has been dragged through the least imagined scenarios for the singer, stepping on around 20 different countries for the various activities she carried out between the dates of her tour ‘Euro Summer 2022’, with the operating room as the last stop.

During the morning of July 19, 2022, the Brazilian celebrity posted a series of photographs via Instagram stories in which she is seen inside a hospital room in the company of her best friend and her boyfriend. Before her sudden change of scene, her followers did not take long to question her about it.

As explained by her Anitta In previous days, she has seen the need to undergo a sudden surgical intervention due to endometriosis a condition with which she has been living for almost a decade and which has caused him a great deal of difficulty in recent months.

His state of health is so delicate that she was forced to cancel the last two dates of his tour, in addition to other unspecified events that she said she will not be able to attend. In her words, her decision was very difficult to make, “but it was that or die of pain, not only after the act, but also when I menstruate.” in the night of yesterday Anitta declared that the surgery was already scheduled even before embarking on his trip through European lands, so she had already planned the fast trip that she would have to make between Portugal and the capital of his native country, Brazil.

The quick reaction on the part of his medical team was due to the fact that the endometriosis It is a gynecological disorder that causes almost unbearable pain, which has a significant negative effect on the daily activities of patients, reducing their quality of life, as is the case of the interpreter.

Via Twitter Anitta explained that the situation of this last month has been one of the craziest and expressed his gratitude for having reached the date of his operation without major complications. The following can be read in the message:

I swear to God I thought I couldn’t. But I did 30 days, 20 countries, 14 parades, 2 video clips, interviews, fashion shows. My guardian angel took care of me

He also assured that she is being treated wonderfully, a statement that could be verified later with one of his stories in which she was portrayed in the company of his current partner, the Canadian music producer Murda Beats who was accompanying Anitta at all times.

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