Anita Matamoros reveals the health problem with which she has started the 22

Anita Matamoros reveals the health problem with which she has started the 22

Anita Matamoros is celebrating. The youngest daughter of Kiko Matamoros has turned 22 at a very beautiful moment in her life, which, however, has been clouded by a health problem. “I have a cervical hernia,” she explained after attending an appointment with the traumatologist after having an MRI and an X-ray to check the pain that she had for a long time. “But they have told me not to have surgery , to continue taking care of myself, going to the physio and to avoid what I know hurts my neck ,” she shared the influencer when there were only a few hours left to finish the return to the sun.

Anita Matamoros has added that next January she will have to undergo tests again to see if her hernia has not worsened, which has been causing pain in the cervical area for some time. But for now, it is time for her to enjoy her 22 years, which she started in the best way with a pasta carbonara and a glass of wine. One of the first to congratulate her after her partner, with whom she lives, was her mother, Makoke, who with a photograph of the beach wrote: ” For an eternal hug, as our love is eternal, today I congratulate you and thank you for make you the happiest person in the world, from the day you arrived,” wrote the television collaborator. “Your existence is my happiness, I love you madly, my girl ,” she added with many hearts.

Anita Matamoros’ career as a content creator is getting better and better. With 700,000 followers, the young woman studied to specialize in “fashion, communication and new media companies” , that is, she has the necessary knowledge to succeed. In addition, her personality and her way of expressing herself delight her fans, who take her advice on fashion and beauty into account. Beyond the professional, the influencer ‘s personal life is also going through a very sweet moment.

Anita prefers to keep her relationship strictly private, even on social networks, but she has been dating Nacho Santandreu since last summer , a businessman 16 years older than her. She had previously announced to her followers that she had broken up with David Salvador, with whom she had been dating for three years, but as she explained then and has also reiterated more recently, her intention is to keep her personal life out of the eye.

Her intention to keep the courtship private does not mean that Anita seeks to hide her romance, sincejust a few weeks ago she was photographed on the beaches of Marbella with Nacho. The images were taken during a first getaway of the summer in which the couple met Laura M. Flores and Diego Matamoros, brothers of the influencer, and some mutual friends. Among the plans they enjoyed were family moments, baths, fashion and luxury gastronomy at Leña de Dani García.

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