Almudena Cid reappears after her separation from Christian Gálvez

Almudena Cid reappears after her separation from Christian Gálvez

On December 20, the separation of Almudena Cid and Christian Galvez was recorded after 11 years of marriage and 15 years of relationship. With the separation of the presenter and the gymnast, one of the most established couples on our social scene ended, and it is that both had always boasted of great joy and complicity.

After several months in the most absolute privacy, recovering from this very hard breakup, Cid reappears and we will be able to see her tomorrow on the stage of the theater with the play ‘A love story’.

But first, she wanted to comment on how she is at this delicate moment in her life and, through a post on social networks, she has bared her soul for all her followers:

“Hello. I come back. Two months ago I was in front of 6,000 rhythm-loving spectators to offer them a story for yet another year. A story. This time very real. So real that I lived it in my own being during the eight minutes that I dedicated to them.”

This is how the gymnast began:

“For years I have seen how my thoughts and reflections at the end of the Euskal gym gala inspired them to explore in a different way what happened to them within the rhythm. I confess that I did it from a comfortable place, from distance and detachment. Perhaps by experience or by pure elaboration. But in this last gala I was talking about my own monster. Of my own reality. I never thought that the process that I offered them that night to face their fears, would be the process that I was going through at that very moment.”

“Now it seems magical to me. I did not enjoy them. Behind this smile was a broken Almudena. But the story had to be told. For them, but especially for me. A story that I repeat to myself in the form of a mantra but without end. Because if I’m learning something, it’s that the ending is chosen or changed by oneself. Something in me was broken that night to be rebuilt and have the opportunity to bathe in gold what will be some beautiful scars in the future. So that’s where I am. Going from the toe to the heel, and from the heel to the relevé, but moving forward. Weather. Patience. I come back.”

A nice reflection with which Almudena Cid tries to turn the page and gain strength to come back stronger than ever.

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