After several months, after his breaking off the famous businessman Alex Rodriguez has spoken about Jennifer Lopez after his breakup and has said what he really thinks about the singer. As you may remember, the former baseball player and the singer postponed their wedding twice due to the pandemic before finishing their engagement. It is important to mention that Álex did not want to talk, until now, about that relationship he had with the singer and actress, however, true to his style, the former baseball player assured that he does not regret what he experienced with JLO.

I do not regret. Life is good. I am very lucky. I wake up every morning and I thank the good Lord, for my health, for my beautiful daughters,” Álex said on the Martha Stewart podcast.

This is how, in addition, Álex Rodríguez assured that Jennifer López is a wonderful and very talented woman, in addition to being responsible with her work. I have spent five years in an amazing relationship and also with my daughters, we learned a lot. Everything happens for a reason,” added the former Yankees player.

It is important to mention that at first they denied the breakup rumors and explained that they were resolving their differences. However, Rodríguez and Lopez announced less than a month later the end of their relationship through a joint statement.

We have realized that we are best friends and we hope to remain so. We will continue to work together and support each other in our shared businesses and projects.”

On the other hand, his closest environment then pointed out that the New Yorker did not have a good time at all, he did not speak out then.

However, his behavior and his messages made it clear that he was finding it very painful. However, time heals everything and a year after their breakup, the actress and singer announced her commitment to Ben Affleck, the actor who crossed her path when she was in crisis with the athlete, but he does not save any kind resentment, but quite the opposite. But the sun always rises for everyone, because now the singer is happier than ever with her current partner, actor Ben Affleck, with whom she will also arrive at the altar very soon after having interrupted her love relationship several years ago.

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