The authors say that in the first years of the new millennium a long period passed without speaking and that Luis Miguel had a very bad time. According to the series, this would have been because when he was not or was going on a trip, in addition to the Doc, the younger brother, Sergio, was in the care of Alex.

Episode 3 says that on one of those Luis Miguel, his brother got fed up with babysitting and left with his girlfriend. In addition to borrowing one of the cars from Luis Miguel without his permission, on his way home he has an accident that takes him to the hospital.

When the singer finds out, he returns to Mexico and although he worries about his brother, he puts his cards on the table: as long as he supports him and lives at home, he will do what he says. “Pichita” does not accept the conditions of Luis Miguel and leaves the house.

On the Único yacht, Michelle sunbathes in the company of Asensi, Luis Miguel (with binoculars) and his uncle Alex Basteri.
On the Único yacht, Michelle sunbathes in the company of Asensi, Luis Miguel (with binoculars) and her uncle Alex Basteri.

Lawsuits or not between the brothers, the truth is that Alex appears in the last episode of the second season as if nothing had happened. When did they make up, what did they say to each other? They only know that in fiction.

In real life, the truth is that he is the only relative of Luis Miguel who has always been with him over the years; in fact, it has even helped him with work issues. For example, Alex Basteri is the one who took all the photos in the album Nothing is the same.

Cover of the album Nothing is equal, released in 1996

It has also helped him on a family level; has even lived very closely with Michelle Salas and it is said that she turns to her uncle when she wants to talk to her dad.

In fact, the latest news that has spread about it is that now that Michelle suffered a ski accident, she looked for her father by all means to try a reconciliation; she even turned to her uncle Alex to advocate for her and mediate a father-daughter meeting.

According to a magazine with national circulation, all was in vain because supposedly Micky commanded her to say by means of “Pichita” that she no longer exists such a relationship.

Regardless of the lawsuit Luis MiguelMichelle, this means something else: that Alejandro returned to speak with his older brother and they remain in contact as they always have been.

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