The television collaborator Alejandra Rubio has surprised her Instagram followers with a very unusual photograph among influencers like her.

Unlike the images that she usually publishes on her social networks, Terelu Campos’ daughter has boasted of her natural beauty, showing, for the first time, a snapshot of her without makeup.

“I think it’s the first time I’ve uploaded a photo without makeup… It seems like I’m 15 years old,” Rubio said.

The granddaughter of María Teresa Campos also wanted to know what her followers thought of her when they saw her natural, and she has received the compliments and compliments of many. “Very beautiful”, “beautiful”, “beautiful” or “hottie”, have been some of the qualifiers of the majority.

Her mother, Terelu Campos, has also commented on said post, where she has opined that her daughter without her makeup is “even prettier”, to which Alejandra Rubio has responded with “I love you”.

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