After confirming his collaboration with Shakira, Karol G shared a preview of another song from his new album

After confirming her collaboration with Shakira, Karol G shared a preview of another song from her new album

Karl G. is about to launch another record job, this time her new album is called “Tomorrow will be beautiful” and the date chosen for its publication is this Friday, February 24.

Among the songs that make up the album is ‘Gatúbela’ (collaboration with the Puerto Rican Maldy), whose clip was released in August 2022. There is also another collaboration that stands out, such as ‘X si volvemos’, which he interprets with Roméo Santos.

And, more recently, the urban singer gave a taste of what will be “Ferrari Eyes”collaboration with Americans of Puerto Rican origin, Justin Quiles and the Dominican Angel Dior. This is how from her Instagram stories, the paisa was shown dancing in different corners of a red room, on the walls of which are the flags of each country.

Here is the preview of “Ferrari Eyes”, shared by Karol G:

Karol G shared a preview of “Ojos Ferrari”, the theme of his new album

It should be remembered that beyond the release of the album ‘Mañana ser bonito’; This February 24 will surely also be talked about a lot about the song that the reggaeton singer will create with Shakira, one of her idols in the music industry. The theme was named ‘TQG’ (You’re too fat) and apparently it’s also included on the disc.

So far, the Colombian singers have only released a photograph in which they pose together and in Time Square (New York) some fragments of what would be the music video have been shared. “We know you’ve been waiting for it and here we are! KarolG x Shakira: TQG, February 24. Barranquilla and Medallo”, wrote the urban singer on her social networks.

There has been a lot of speculation about the song’s lyrics and whether it’s inspired by the two artists’ ex-boyfriends: Gerard Piqué (Shakira’s ex-partner) and Anuel AA (Karol’s ex-partner). G).

Carolina Giraldo Navarro (first name of the reggaeton singer) started 2023 with a lot of music: a new disc will soon be released on the market and recently it was presented at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2023. And, as her fans surely expected, her show was a complete success, so much so that the urban singer received gold and silver seagull

The repertoire that Karol G prepared for Viña del Mar included songs like: ‘Gatúbela’, with which he opened his show. Then it developed in the interpretation of ‘Poblado’, ‘Bichota’, ‘A ella’, ‘Ocean’, ‘El makinón’, ‘Tusa’, ‘200 copas’, ‘MAMIII’ and the theme with which it ended was “Provence”.

He also sang for the first time on stage the song ‘Mientras me curo el cora’ and ‘X si volvemos’, which make up his forthcoming album, ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’.

It goes without saying that, as she usually does on her tours, the Colombian singer also had guest artists during her presentation at Quinta Vergara, one of them was Miriam Hernández. From her Instagram account, the Chilean singer wrote in thanks to the reggaeton singer:

“When dreams come true, there is magic, there is charm and there is God! Karol told me about it a few years ago… And we both wanted it to happen, and today it happened! I am very happy to have sung together. I adore Karol and his humility is commensurate with his greatness. Thank you darling for inviting me to sing with you tonight!”

As we have already seen, the paisa is a fan of doing all kinds of collaborations, not only with artists who share the same musical genre, but she has also been measured to sing with pop stars or ballads, as it is the case of Hernández with whom he interpreted the song of the Chilean “El hombre que yo amo”.

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