Nine Democratic House of Representatives members

“Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy” Trump’s Impeachment Bill Officially Submitted to the Senate

Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy

Nine democratic house of representatives members, who will act as prosecutors in the trial, formally submitted the bill to the senate the us house of representatives has formally submitted to the senate the bill on former president donald trump, which justifies his dismissal. Democrats in the house of representatives are accused of inciting trump to revolt in a speech he gave to his supporters near the white house before the 6 january congressional attack.

Nine democratic house of representatives members, who will serve as prosecutors in the trial, formally submitted the bill to the senate. Representatives traditionally carried the impeachment bill to the senate. The senate’s 100 senators will serve as jurors to consider the charges against trump. The senate’s decision could prohibit trump from taking any public office, including his future presidential race.

Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy to lead impeachment hearing

The longest-serving democrat senator patrick leahy in the us senate will conduct the impeachment hearing of former president donald trump, which is expected to begin the week of february 8.

Trump’s first impeachment trial was led by the president of the us constitutional court, john roberts, as stated in the constitution. However, speaking to the reuters news agency, a source from the senate informed that the impeachment case of a non-dismissed president can also be managed by senators.

The 80-year-old Vermont Senator, who took office in 1975, is the most senior member of both parties in the Senate. Leahy said, “I will not give up my constitutional and sworn obligations to administer the trial fairly, in accordance with the Constitution and the law, while administering the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.” According to an aide, Leahy will be able to vote even if she directs the trial. Senators also have the right to vote in cases they manage in the Senate.

However, some republicans criticized this arrangement. “How can senators serve as a judge or juror?” Senator John Cornyn wrote on Twitter. said. Leahy has the authority to chair sessions in the Senate in the absence of the Vice President. This post is taken over by the party that holds the majority in the Senate. Donald Trump, who has decided to initiate the impeachment process twice in American history, was cleared by the Republican-majority Senate in February 2020 of allegations of “abuse of office” and preventing Congress from performing its duty. Some members of the Republican Congress oppose the impeachment of Trump because he is no longer in office.

Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democrats who have the majority in the Senate, said in a statement in the Senate that “the theory that the Senate cannot judge the former presidents will give the presidents the open card to stay with what they have done by the constitution”.

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