You won't be able to believe how much a Tiktoker earns as a waitress per day!

You won’t be able to believe how much a Tiktoker earns as a waitress per day!

In recent days, a scandal broke out in social networks because a Hooters company presented the new uniform of its waitresses, which “looks like underwear,” according to complaints from several employees of the chain.

However, one of the arguments that were mentioned in favor of said uniform is that they increase the tips that the girls receive.

Now, a Hooters waitress has gone viral on social media after pointing out on TikTok how much money she makes a week just in tips, in addition to her salary.

Tiktoker goes viral for its tips

In a clip of almost a minute, young Kirsten Songer, who works at a branch of the South Carolina restaurant chain and is better known as “The flat Hooters girl”, noted that her tips They ranged between 50 and 408 dollars per day (that is, between 1,000 and 8,200 pesos approximately).

“This is what I earn in a week at Hooters,” Songer said. “This is a really good week to show, because I had some really great shifts and then some not so great shifts.”

Songer added up the tips and calculated that she took home $ 1,308 in tips during the week, so her potential income per month is between 105 thousand 548 dollars.

Also, in a year, the amount of earnings could be close to $ 70,000, a figure that is similar to the salary income of transportation inspectors and insurance appraisers.

It should also be said that, although the tips were generous, a man gave her 60 dollars just for “talking to him”.

The amount of tip earnings is striking when you consider that in South Carolina you can have an average wage of $ 2.13 per hour.

So far, the video has 9,748 likes, 319 comments and 401 shares.

Tips cause a furor in TikTok

TikTok users did not pass up the opportunity and have shared their surprise about the reality of working at Hooters and how the staff make a living largely through tips.

“$ 2.13 is ridiculous. I don’t understand how this can be legal,” wrote one tiktoker, while another added, “That’s why it’s important to tip! That’s what we trust!”

“Waiters in BC Canada make $ 4 an hour, what the heck,” added another.

It should be said that the tiktoker Kirsten Songer went viral at the end of last year, after making a video in which she shared what a day was like as a hooters waitress and more recently for showing, like many other young women, the differences between the old and new shorts of the Hooters girls.

Likewise, the 22-year-old girl, is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and currently attends medical school in addition to serving as a Hooters bartender.

Big tips, low wages

It is important to note that anyone who works in a restaurant regardless of the state in the United States, must receive a minimum payment of $ 7.25 per hour, including tips, from 2019.

Restaurant servers can receive a “cash minimum wage” based on the minimum wage rules in their respective states.

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