Microsoft has just presented its new operating system as part of the “What’s Next for Windows” event. As leaks suggested in advance, it goes by the name of Windows 11 and is thus the official successor to Windows 10. We’ll tell you what the main innovations of Windows 11 are and what we know about the release.

General innovations

In the foreground are less surprisingly easier accessibility, better connectivity and linking. So everything you would expect from a modern operating system:

  • Microsoft Teams, for example, will become an integral part of Windows 11. Simple layouts, which are reminiscent of fancy zones from power toys, are also intended to improve the daily workflow.
  • Widgets also play a role in Windows 11. Due to the reintroduced transparency, they appear to be well implemented at first glance.
  • In addition, the introduction of multiple desktops should guarantee a tidy look and make it easier to separate work and leisure.

Games in focus

Which brings us straight to the topic of gaming. Because there are also new features for players:

  • Auto HDR: The feature automatically adds high dynamic range (HDR) extensions to games. The only requirement: The game must be based on DirectX 11.
  • DirectStorage: Perhaps the most important innovation is the introduction of DirectStorage technology, which you may already know from the Xbox Velocity Architecture. This enables textures and game data to be streamed directly from the NVMe SSD to the graphics card without having to go through the main processor and its limitations with regard to the unpacking of content. This means that game worlds can be loaded much faster.
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC: The Xbox app is firmly integrated into Windows 11, the Game Pass for PC is already available for Windows 10.

Leaks in the last few days also showed that Windows 11 could also beat Windows 10 in terms of performance.

Microsoft Store mit Android-Apps

In future, Android apps can be obtained from the Microsoft Store and run in Windows.

The Micrsoft Store is also in focus: It is particularly interesting that it also makes Android apps available on Windows. These can be obtained both from their own store and from the Amazon app store.

When is Windows 11 coming and what does it cost?

The final version of the new operating system should appear at the end of the year, be available free of charge for new PCs and as a free upgrade for Windows 10 PCs. But if you want, you can also take part in the Windows Insider Program and get an early version of Windows 11 in the coming week.

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