Who dominates the 'streaming' in the world?

Who dominates the ‘streaming’ in the world?

The choice of video entertainment is very different from just a few years ago. The streaming has changed the consumption habits of home entertainment, now you can select the content that best suits your interests in a simple way and with multiple options.

On the other hand, the confinement of people by the covid-19 pandemic accelerated the subscription to channels of streaming, even anticipating what some expected to happen in the next three years.

The multi-billion dollar deal sparks increased competition and industry moves, such as the one announced Monday in which AT&T spun off WarnerMedia to merge with Discovery if the deal is cleared by regulators.

Just a day after that announcement, there is talk of Amazon’s interest in the legendary MGM.

“It is the content market, if we look at the business model we are seeing the tip of the icerberg, there is a series of mix of business models, what comes is below,” said Gonzalo Rojón, managing partner of The Competitive Intelligence Unit.

Hence, the content market in streaming or other technologies will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. “I do not see that the people who hired the platforms (in the pandemic), once they are over, cut their contracted services, it is a scenario in which we are not going to reverse,” said Rojon.

Those who dominate

Who are leading? According to the reports of each company, the leader of the streaming worldwide is Netflix with more than 208 million global subscribers; but very close is Amazon Prime with 200 million members.

By far, but just a year after its launch, there is Disney + that has convinced 104 million users to whom it sells well-known brands such as Marvel.

In the race, it is observed that the demand for transmission services has allowed HBO and HBO Max, from WarnerMedia, to which Citizen Free Press belongs, to have 64 million subscribers, 44 million of them in the United States, while Discovery, With which it has been announced that it seeks to merge, it has 15 million.

The original series and films of these services have led traditional pay television channels to launch their streaming channels, but others that are digital natives have made efforts to try to convince users. Such is the case with Apple TV +, whose subscriber figures are not public.

Other participants who watch the competition, such as Fox, through Tubi, have 33 million subscribers.

Even the market grows larger with specialized content, such as sports. The NBA offers its NBA TV service with live replay and games for the following season, while the MLB offers a library of related games and movies.

“What we see is how all the technological platforms begin to merge and interact,” said Rojón, highlighting the greater dynamism that will be seen in the content market.

The streaming platforms with the most subscribers

  1. Netflix – 208 millones
  2. Amazon Prime – 200 million
  3. Disney + – 104 million
  4. HBO and HBO Max – 64 million
  5. Tubi – 33 million
  6. Discovery + – 15 millones

* Other companies, such as Apple TV, do not publicly disclose their subscriber numbers.

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