A document marked with a bright red stamp that says “SEALED” came to light by mistake and it was then that the detailed list of the material seized by the FBI when it searched Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion.

Although the document was public for a brief space, Bloomberg News managed to obtain a copy.

The list includes two batches of documents, about five dozen in all. What is included is about 520 pages of documents that the government believed the special teacher assigned to the case should examine for privileges.

Furthermore, the government divided the documents into two groups; the first was material related to Trump’s tenure as president labeled as Appendix A. the second was material that appeared to be subject to attorney-client privilege and is marked as test b.

According to the aforementioned medium, there are also documents related to clemency grants, endorsements, legal fights and political proposals.

Exhibit A: Government Records

A1. Immigration Initiative Project 2019
A2. Congressional clemency request for “RN” and A3. Senate Clemency Request for “RN”
A4. Printed email between the Head Baseball Coach at the US Air Force Academy and the White House
TO 5. Unsigned letter from Kasowitz Benson & Torres to Robert Mueller dated 06/23/2017
A6. Titled document “Executive Action to Curb Illegal Immigration and Move Towards Merit-Based Entry” (2 copies)
A7. Printed email between the White House and the National Security Council regarding the release of John Walker Lindh
A8. Letter to the President on Ted Suhl’s Pardon and Internal Analysis of Ted Suhl’s Commutation (2 copies)
A9. Letter presented publicly to the judge regarding the clemency of Rod Blagojevich and A10. Switching internal analysis Rod Blagojevich (2 copies) and A11. Letter presented publicly to Congress regarding the clemency of Rod Blagojevich
A12. Package of internal forgiveness for “IR” and “JC”
A13. Internal pardon packet for “MB”
A14. Printed email from Charles Harder to the New York Times
A15. Titled Document “Meeting Requests for Approval”; post-it note “For POTUS Review” and A16. Document titled “Molly’s Questions for POTUS Approval”
A17. Printed email dated 12/31/2020 from Kurt Hilbert to the White House email account regarding the signed verifications for the Fulton County lawsuit and the federal complaint and three verifications
A18. Printed email dated 12/31/2020 from Kurt Hilbert to the White House email account sharing 10 files related to the federal lawsuit
A19. Contents of the red folder marked as “NARA cards and other copies”
A21. 35 pages, each titled “Calls from the President” with the presidential seal in the upper left corner, containing names, numbers, and handwritten notes that appear to be primarily messages (including “Message from Rudy…”); four blank pages with various handwritten notes

Attachment B: Legal Documents

B1. Medical letter from Dr. Harold N. Bornstein dated 09/13/2016
B2. Summons and Complaint with Attachments in Trump for President v. Northland Television
B3. Morgan Lewis letter on taxes (4 copies) and B6. Morgan Lewis letter on taxes (duplicate of Article No. 03)
B4. Pat Cipollone’s business card with “LIC Sat Night Live” written on it; post-it note “Joe Digernova Appoints Special Counsel [sic]”
B5. Signed letter from Trump campaign legal counsel to Biden campaign copying CEOs of Facebook and Twitter
B7. Last page of letter signed by Philip Ruffin
B8. First page of Balch & Bingham letter to Kurt Hilbert; post-it note “from Cleta Mitchell”
B9. Envelope containing the Blue Cross Blue Shield Explanation of Benefits for “WG”; post-it note “Molly- Talk to Aronwald”
B10. Yellow folder marked “TMG” containing a copy of the execution of the “Restrictive Covenant Agreement” signed by Donald J. Trump
B11. Red folder marked “Galicia” containing a document titled “Bronx Mediation Program Mediation Agreement” signed by Donald J. Trump
B12. Bill for legal fees from Stein Mitchell Beato & Missner; adhesive notes “Did you say you agreed to pay this bill? He worked before he became a lawyer for WH” “No”
B13. Manila folder marked as “accountants” containing a signed letter from the accounting firm BKM regarding the withholding
B15. Confidential Settlement Agreement Between PGA and Trump Golf Signed by Donald J. Trump
B16. About Manila marked “UBS” containing a signed power of attorney
B17. Manila envelope marked “NYC 8/10” containing IRS Form 872 and B18. Manila envelope containing IRS Form 872 (copies)
B19. Demanda civil en Trump v. Kemp & Raffensperger (ND Ga)
B20. Consent to substitute attorney for Habba, Madaio & Associates and retention agreement with Habba
B21. Red binder containing retainer agreements related to the Fulton County campaign and lawsuit
B22. Invoices for legal fees from Habba
B23. Subpoenaed Mary L. Trump and sued in Donald J. Trump v. Mary L Trump
B24. folder marked as “More difficult” containing a signed settlement agreement
B25. Manila folder marked as “serious contract” containing the contract with CIC Ventures and Gold Ventures and B26. CIC Ventures signed the written consent
B27. Manila folder marked as “Molly 2018 IRS Tax Audit” containing IRS Form 2848
B28. “Trump” folder containing attorney filed substation in E. Jean Carroll v. Trump
B29. FEC Attorney Appointment
B30. folder marked as “news article” containing “Commentary Services and Event Appearance Agreement”
B31. Red folder containing the endorsement application for a state official and an email accepting Trump’s resignation from the SAG
B32. Folder containing a confidentiality agreement and an agreement of contract regarding Save America and a service agreement with respect to United Atlantic Ventures


Exhibit B: Inside a manila folder marked “Legal”

B33. Charles Harder’s letter on the accusations of “AJ”
B34. Signed Tax Return Disclosure Consent Form
B35. Dave Wolfe Fee Agreement
B36. draft confidentiality agreement with handwritten notes
B37. Meadows Coller Representation Terms and Fee Agreement
B38. Legal Services Commitment Agreement with Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn, Levin regarding DC and Fulton County
B39. Signed letter transferring estate planning records
B40. Stipulation for counsel in Jane Doe, Luke Doe, Richard Roe, Mary Moe v. Trump; post-it note “signed to give to Molly”
B41. not registered
B42. Escrow agreement signed
B43. Consent order for substitution of counsel in E. Jean Carrol v. Trump

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