NEW YORK – As people begin to ditch masks after new guidance from the CDC, parents wonder if that puts children at greater risk.

“It’s not just parents who feel this way. Doctors and healthcare providers are also concerned that our children under 12 are now the vulnerable population,” physician Payal Kohli told NBC.

And it is that this health expert is concerned about the physical and mental effects on children.

“It will really confuse kids and send a lot of mixed messages when their parents can remove the mask, but children under 12 still have to put on the mask, they still have to be careful washing their hands and it is going to be difficult for them. parents without modeling that behavior,” Kohli said.

The doctor said that we may be able to see more cases of COVID-19 among children.

Meanwhile, minors may not get very sick or even show no symptoms, so they could pass the virus to more vulnerable adults, especially those who have not yet been vaccinated.

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