US President Joe Biden reaffirmed this Saturday in Warsaw that Article 5 of the NATO treaty, stipulating that an attack on a member country is an attack on all, constitutes a “sacred duty” for the United States.

Joe Biden gave this assurance during his meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda, whose country fears Moscow’s aggressiveness after the outbreak of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

“A Sacred Obligation”

Repeating that for Americans Article 5 is “a sacred obligation”, he added: “you can count on it”, before quoting an old Polish maxim “for our freedom and yours”. This slogan goes back to a Polish insurrection against the occupation by Tsarist Russia, when it was intended to show the Russians that the uprising should also free them from the despotism of the Tsars.

The US president also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “counted on a divided NATO”, but that this division did not occur.

Cooperation between the United States and Poland

For his part, Andrzej Duda affirmed that Polish-American relations were “flourishing” and would be “tremendously strengthened” by the visit of his guest, and finally that his country was a “serious” ally of the United States.

He spoke of future cooperation with American companies in nuclear power plant projects in Poland and hoped that Polish aeronautical companies could participate in the manufacture of American Black Hawk helicopters.

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