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The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation presented before a judge of control of guarantees to Dylan Marcel Prieto Rodríguez, who is accused of hitting a policeman with his vehicle motorized in the La Concordia neighborhood, in the center of Bogotá.

The evidence and the videos of the security cameras revealed that this person had disregarded a stop order made by some traffic police and escaped between the streets. Apparently, he was blocked in his flight, and when reversing he hit a uniformed man who was chasing him and dragged him several meters. Subsequently, he collided with a public service vehicle.

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The Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences assessed the victim patrol car and ruled a seven-day disability due to the trauma and lacerations suffered.

On the other hand, the driver was caught in flagrante delicto. A flagrant prosecutor of the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) of Puente Aranda charged him with the crime of attempted aggravated homicide.

They hit a policeman in the center of Bogotá

The defendant did not accept the charges and must comply with a custodial security measure in his place of residence. Further, the guarantee control judge approved the seizure of the vehicle, a Renault Sandero Stepway, for confiscation purposes.

A similar case occurred in Bucaramanga

Another case of intolerance appeared this Friday in Bucaramanga, in the department of Santander. As reported by local authorities, a woman ran over a policeman, after being required for violating the peak and plate measure decreed in the city.

At a control and prevention point, a vehicle was detained for traveling with a pick and plate. A man who was accompanying the driver got out of the car and tried to distract the officers. The woman took advantage of the confusion and fled”, The Bucaramanga traffic director, Andrea Méndez, detailed daily La Vanguardia.

According to the information provided by Méndez to the media, the event occurred in the Puerta del Sol neighborhood, after 11:00 in the morning and it became known thanks to a video that circulated on social networks.

Video of the moment when a woman in Bucaramanga runs over a police officer.

In the recording, the traffic officer can be seen next to the stopped car, apparently speaking with the driver’s companion, when the woman unexpectedly backs the car and runs over the policeman.

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Simultaneously it is observed as man, apparently tries to prevent the agent from getting up – who had fallen to the ground with his motorcycle – while the woman flees the scene.

The Bucaramanga traffic director also pointed out to the Bumangués newspaper that after the events, the man who accompanied the woman also fled the place. According to Méndez, hours later the authorities found the vehicle in the La Concordia neighborhood.

The vehicle was left abandoned in a parking lot in La Concordia. Everything is now under investigation. The driver was imposed three subpoenas: for breaking the pick and plate, performing dangerous maneuvers and evasion, explained Méndez to the same medium.

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