US court to examine whether Prince Harry obtained his visa irregularly

A US court will examine on Tuesday whether Britain’s Prince Harry obtained his visa to enter the country irregularly, after revelations about his drug use in the book “Spare” raised questions about the process.

Specifically, a Washington court will consider a lawsuit brought by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, against the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for information related to the Duke of Sussex’s visa approval process.

“Extensive media coverage has highlighted the question of whether DHS properly admitted the Duke of Sussex in light of the fact that he has publicly admitted to committing drug offences both in the US and abroad,” reads the lawsuit, which was accessed by CBS.

The Heritage Foundation argues that “US law generally deems a person inadmissible for entry” into the country if there is evidence of past drug use.

The lawsuit also seeks to have Enrique’s immigration history made public because of the “enormous interest” in the case.

In his memoir “Spare”, the British duke says he used drugs as a teenager, including cocaine and marijuana, and that he even consulted a woman with “powers”, without giving her name or saying whether she was psychic, who told him that his mother, the late Diana of Wales, approved of his decision to start a new life in the US with his wife, American actress Meghan Markle.

Henry and Markle have been living in California since 2020, following his decision to leave the British royal family.

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