U.S. ends COVID-19 flexibilities for migration services

U.S. ends COVID-19 flexibilities for migration services

Includes flexibilities that allowed for an extension of the deadline for responding to your requests or requirements.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on Thursday the end of the first flexibilities adopted by the COVID-19 pandemic for immigrants in the process of applying for permanent residency cards, also known as Green Card or “green card”, or in the process of naturalization.

As of this March 23rd, the facilities granted by the immigration agency, which allowed a response within 60 calendar days after the expiration date established in the applications or notifications issued for certain processes, will end.

“Certain flexibilities first announced in March 2020 to address the COVID-19 pandemic end on March 23, 2023,” the Immigration office said in a statement.

It also recalled that it had notified last January 24 that the extension of the facilities announced at that time, would be the last, “unless new changes related to the pandemic arise”.

In view of the end of the extensions to the flexibilities, USCIS warned anyone requesting its services that they “must respond to any USCIS notice or request dated on or after March 23 with the expiration date indicated in the notice or request”.

What does this mean? The warning is primarily directed to those who have pending work visas, Legal Permanent Residency or naturalization, among others, who may receive some notices.

These notices come with deadlines for response to USCIS, so now immigrants must comply with the office’s request in the corresponding time.

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