Trump offered “Food for All” at a Miami restaurant and left without paying

Former President Trump visited the Cuban restaurant Versailles after his appearance in Miami, but left without paying a single bill.

Donald Trump visited the famous Versailles Cuban restaurant in Miami after appearing in federal court in the city on Tuesday over the classified documents case, and declared to a crowd of admirers “Food for all!” inside the restaurant.

But the former president did not deliver as promised, according to Miami New Times, despite his supporters at the restaurant also wishing him a happy birthday, a day before his 77th birthday, because Trump did not pay the bill despite what he offered.

Citing “a well-informed source,” Miami New Times said Trump’s visit lasted about 10 minutes, leaving no time for much more than shaking hands and greetings. Neither the restaurant nor the Trump campaign responded to that media outlet about a request for comment.

Trump supporters on Twitter commented that he only said there would be food for everyone at the restaurant, not that he would buy it.

Trump had left the federal courthouse in Miami a short time earlier after being booked and arraigned on 37 charges filed against him in the case of secret U.S. government documents found in his Florida home during a 2022 search.

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